Hello Everybody
12. Dez. 2013

I had bad luck and the laser module slipped off
its mounting during the transport.
Got remount instruction and need to test now.

Christian has as well trouble with a stepper ;-(
Really hope you got better experience.

Best regards

Formalbs overview of Swiss form1 backers and close by (forum)

NAME email (all) language Location backer order got it? more
Tobias Blättler tb@email.com ger, eng Zürich (Maur) #1772
from1 + pp 2013-11-12 el. ing. ASIC/FPGA @ IBM Rüschlikon
Hansjörg Dietz (+3) hansjoerg.dietz@gmail.com ger, eng Zürich + Einsiedeln (Gross) # ? 4 x form1 no working at ETH Zürich, department Environmental Systems Science ordered via bonvu.com
uses blender, ultimaker experiance
plan for 3D printer service (two form1) as extension of the 2D printing service
another form1 for an architect
Julien Oberhauser - ger, eng Location # 1830 from1 + pp no -
Sozonoff Serge serge@sozonoff.com fr, ENG Geneva # from1 + pp 2013-09-29 freight forwarded via US shipment (~$300), extra resin
using Solidworks on MAC
planning for Autodesk Fusion
sand tz, 3 Frenchies ? fr, eng - # ? form1.. no facebook
Neni (Synvox) ? eng Zürich # ? form1 no software and web developer @ University of Zurich
electronic engineering for hobby
C. Streit c.streit@bluewin.ch deu, eng Basel # ? form1 2013-11-12 bad luck with resin tank stepper, brocke after 10h, looking froward to get a from1 replacement
Rolf Spingler rolf@spinglertec.de deu, eng Jestetten (D) # ? form1 2013-11-14 Spingler Technologie

Formalbs Project update - major info (kickstarter posts)

# YYYY-MM-DD key info
48 2013-12-03 complete shipping of over 1000 printers<
will announce white resin on EuroMold
47 2013-10-31 make the most mind-bendingly creepy Halloween stuff
Shipping update: orders to Europe
Company news: new $19 mio. found-raising
Event in Germany: EuroMold in Frankfurt in December.
46 2013-10-02 874 form1 shipped, as well started international
(UK, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Israel, Australia)
webinar Printing with the Form 1
SW update preform 0.9.0
Events: Somerville (oct5), New Hampshire (oct12), London (Nov5-7), Frankfurt (dec3-6)
45 2013-09-25 announce webinar: Sep.26th
44 2013-09-20 ramping up internaltional shipping
SW update preform 0.9.0 with new support structures (download)
nice sculpures by Robert Vignone
43 2013-09-14 712 form1 shipped, behind the lines, need to replace 300 covers, invest in calibration verification (laser)
order spare resin, tank, build platform at form store
42 2013-09-11 moved office and grown team (Rachel. Meagan and Ryan in support)
announce gray resin
41 2013-08-21 announce gray resin for $149 and support in PreForm
40 2013-08-21 SW update Preform 0.8.4 for OS-X MAC and announce automatic mesh repair by integratenetfabb SW
39 2013-06-08 SW update Preform 0.8.3, new print-time estimat, opt. data collection performance feedback
update private policy
38 2013-07-30 electroplating your form1 objects with copper, nickel by RePliForm
37 2013-07-25 update on clear polymatymer resin Formlabs_Clear_MP.pdf
36 2013-07-11 SW update Preform 0.8.2, CTRL + SHIFT + F toggle for framerate display
# 35 2013-06-20 700 form1 ready for calibration and test
34 2013-06-04 SW update Preform 0.8.1
# 33 2013-05-24 Clear Resin is in the Form Store
# .. .. ..
1 2012-09-26 gonna break our $100,000 target in 2.5 hours